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What makes an organisation a learning-driven organisation

The process of modifying organisational behavior through the use of different processes, practices, methods and activities in drawing lesson learned from with and outside the organisation for the purpose of systematically improving performance and transforming into a learning-driven organisation.

Alaa Garad


Alaa a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Portsmouth Business School, he is a technical member at ISO Committee TC/260. Besides, he is the Deputy Chair of the Human Capital Committee at the British Standards Institution (BSI), a Fellow at The Learning and Performance Institute. Alongside his academic experience, Alaa is an award-winning executive with over 20 years of experience designing, leading and managing organizational development projects; he has assessed and advised over 500 organizations.

Jeff Gold

Co-founder of the HRD and Leadership Research Unit at Leeds Business School and the Director of the DBA programme at Leeds Beckett University. He is also the Professor of Organisation Learning at York Business School. He has worked as a consultant with orgnanizations such as the NHS, Hallmark Cards and the Police Service, and is the co-author of Human Resource Management, now in its 6th edition.

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As we aim to propose an ecosystem OL model, we tried to understand and showcase how learning can become organisational as well as strategic, and how change can be facilitated and lead from lessons learned.

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Why LDB Book is an Essential Read

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“What Gurus Say about the LDB Book"

Individuals and organisations are either growing or dying. In these disruptive times, there is no stasis. Learning is the key to growth. Alaa and Jeff’s work is well-researched and practical. You can apply it straight away to develop yourself, your leaders and your organisation.

Andy Lothian

CEO, Insights Group.

With the nature of work rapidly changing, organisations and businesses need to evolve in new ways if they are to flourish.  This timely contribution sets out a clear roadmap to success that will allow organisations to not just survive, but thrive.

Jamie Cooke

Head of RSA Scotland

An organisation that strives to improve performance must have the ethos of learning at its core. This insightful and practical book acts as a comprehensive guide for leaders to help them develop and embed a sustainable and effective culture of learning into their organisation’s DNA. 

Russell Longmuir

CEO, EFQM Brussels

Garad and Gold offer a compelling treatise on the importance of learning and review examples to highlight practices that enable the kinds of collective, organisational learning that our turbulent world needs in abundance 

Robert MacIntosh

Professor of Strategic Management at Heriot-Watt University and Chair of the Chartered Association of Business Schools

Alaa Garad

Learning Driven Business​


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